ThriveX Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Elevate your relaxation experience with the ThriveX Sauna Blanket. Meticulously crafted to combine deep penetrating heat with unparalleled ease and elegance, our sauna blanket ushers in a renaissance of wellness and detoxification. Step into a realm where luxury meets simplicity, delivering a spa-like experience tailored seamlessly to the contours of modern living.

$690.00 SGD

Elevated Wellness in Every Fiber: Experience the refined embrace of deep thermal therapy with the ThriveX Sauna Blanket.

Revolutionize Relaxation: Dive Deeper into the Innovations of the ThriveX Sauna Blanket.

Deep Penetrating Heat

Harness the power of far-infrared technology, penetrating deeper into the skin for an enhanced detoxification process that elevates relaxation to newfound heights.

Efficiency & Elegance

Experience precision with our magnetic snap closure, ensuring impeccable energy efficiency while our high-quality zippers and stitching promise a durable embrace for years to come.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Unwind and cleanse with ease, thanks to our waterproof inner material. With a simple wipe-down post-use, your relaxation remains unburdened and pure.

Personalized Heat, Wherever You Are

Our compact and portable design ensures relaxation isn’t bound by space, coupled with customizable temperature settings that let you define every moment of your thermal journey.

Low EMF: Safe & Uniform Warmth

Relish in the delicate balance of safety and comfort, with a double layer inner material that guarantees even heat distribution, eliminating any risk and maximizing tranquility.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Warmth

From detoxification and calorie burn to stress reduction, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation, each session is a holistic embrace of wellness, letting you emerge rejuvenated, radiant, and relaxed.

The Depth of Detox, Redefined

Venture into the realm of the ThriveX Sauna Blanket, where far-infrared technology curates an intimate dance of deep warmth and detoxification, enveloping you in a therapeutic embrace that transcends the superficial, resonating deeply with every pore and every breath.

Portable Elegance, Personalized Serenity

Crafted for the connoisseurs of relaxation, the ThriveX Sauna Blanket beautifully melds portability with bespoke thermal settings, ensuring that every session is not just an escape, but a personalized retreat, intricately tailored to the nuances of your desires and the rhythm of your life.

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It's all about the details.

Heat Element: Far infrared low EMF carbon heater

Material: Advanced PU outer material, waterproof PVC non-toxic inner lining

Power: 600W

Voltage: 110V (US/Canada) 220V (UK/EU/Aus)

Max. Temperature: 80°C

Timer: 10-60 min

Closure: Zip with inner and outer loop, magnetic shoulder clasp

Dimension (Blanket): 190 x 90cm (Fits people up to 2m height)

Dimension (Bag): 60 x 50 x 20cm

What is the difference between the sauna blanket and an infrared sauna?

The heating element is the same but more compact and made portable for you to enjoy while lying down.

What are the benefits of using a sauna blanket?

Improve detoxification by increasing circulation and stimulating sweat. The sauna blanket provides deep muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation.

How hot does the sauna blanket go? Does it lose heat easily?

The sauna blanket heats up to 80°C. With our magnetic snap closures, heat does not escape at the neck opening. The insulation of the blanket traps heat and enhances the efficiency of the product.

How do I clean the sauna blanket?

Simply wipe down with a damp towel between uses. The waterproof inner lining is non-toxic and can be cleaned with mild soap. Do not submerge the device.

Does the sauna blanket have a battery?

No, the sauna blanket draws power directly from the source, but connects easily with your local plug.

Are there any risks to using the sauna blanket?

The ThriveX sauna blanket is tested to emit very low amounts of EMF, and the non-toxic inner lining diffuses heat evenly while ensuring protection from the heating element.