20 Micron Pleated Cartridge Filter (Pack of 12)

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The 20-micron Pleated Cartridge Filter cleans and purifies water in your Cold Immersion System. The filter is a fine mesh made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) to sieve out particles as small as 20 micrometers from fluids passing through it.

As water flows through the filter, the mesh captures contaminants, ensuring only clean water moves beyond. It traps particulates, keeps water pristine, and is designed for easy maintenance, ensuring a consistently pure plunge.

One pack consists of 12 pieces of cartridge filter.

$120.00 SGD

Replace your 20 micron filters every month or every 50 plunges.

Wash the mesh pre-filter every week or every 5-10 plunges, and replace the 20 micron filter every month or every 50 plunges.

Read our maintenance guide